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Goodbye Fellow International Japan-lovers, and Meeting Host Family FOR THE FIRST TME (3/20)

SOME VIDEOS OF THE US STUDENTS BEFORE HEADING OFF TO OUR HOST FAMILIES---1---2---So in the morning, everyone had to wake up at like, 6 AM or so, get their luggage together, bring it to the area near the orange building which you can see in these pictures, exchange the luggage for a breakfast ticket, go eat breakfast, go back to the luggage outside the orange building, and wait for our buses. For the people having their foreign exchange outside of Tokyo or Kanagawa (Yokohama City), buses came to pick us up and bring us either to the Shinkansen station, or Haneda Airport. The students taking either ANA or JAL (I took JAL), took a pretty bus which came and picked us up toooooo bring us to Haneda Airport, Haneda Airport being a super busy and super large Domestic Airport in Ota, Tokyo. While waiting, everyone went super crazy with their cameras and took tons of pics with everyone as a final goodbye, which was pretty sad. Here on this post, I have several pics of people waving goodbye as I get on the bus to head off to HANEDA AIRPOORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (In this pic you see me with the Canadian exchange student, student from Belgium, and three from the Netherlands, also the Finnish exchange students, next is Masato, Finnish speaking returnee on the left who I met before while talking with the Finnish exchange students, and super awesome Australian accent returnee on the right, also the Thai students waving good bye, )

Anyway, so I along with the other students traveling by plane drove off on a bus (picture of two Dutch students), to Haneda Airport, and on the way we saw a bunch of pretty awesome Tokyo sites (from the bus) like, Tokyo Tower, the sky scrapers of Shinjuku, Palet Town and other recreational areas of Odaiba, and we also went across the Rainbow Bridge which was pretty cool. If we had gone across at night, we could have seen the bridge lit up BUUTTTT it was day time so it was kind of like just a regular (but super long and awesome and Japanese) bridge. We eventually arrived at the airport, and the students taking ANA (blue luggage tag) got off the bus first and went to Terminal 2, which the JAL students got off afterwards at Terminal 1. As you can see, I took some pictures of the super pretty airport which was super flashy and glassy and had awesome stuff like the Mobile Ashtray Museum Cafe, RESTAURANT, JAL Smile Support (everyone took a picture of this), JAL NEWS, and an incredibly hostile looking animal poster. As you can see, there is a picture I took of the airport with security people in the foreground, and those security people all gave me incredibly hostile looks after taking the picture, because, my camera has an incredibly flashy, huge, and bright flash, and I think they may have thought that I was taking a picture of them, and thus, they gave me hostile looks, which made me feel bad. And then, like 5 minutes later, I intended to take a picture of RESTAURANT, and the security people showed up like the moment I took the picture (with my super strong flash), and they gave me semi-hostile looks again, which made me feel bad again. Bad timing.
So, I said good-bye to a bunch of people, which was super sad, and one of the American exchange students and I went up to the Chinese Exchange student and told her how much we loved her hair and overall perfect-ness, and I went through security, and didn't even have to take off my shoes which was super convenient, and then I sat down with some other exchange students, and watched Japanese commercials on the T.V. nearby, and peed (in the bathroom on a wonderful japanese potty), and eventually boarded the plane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OOOOMG IT WAS MY FIRST TIME ON A JAPANESE PLANE!!! The plane was quite amazing, and even had a camera thing at the front of the aircraft displayed on the t.v. screen to give everyone a like, airplane-eyeball-view which was pretty nice, I fell asleep with a pocky on my sweatshirt, and since the plane was super hot, when I woke up, I had a mess of melted chocolate on the front of my sweatshirt WHICH IS STILL THERE SITTING IN MY JAPANESE BEDROOM IN THE CORNER BECAUSE I JUST REMEMBERED THAT I TOTALLY FORGOT THAT IT STILL HAS CHOCOLATE ALL OVER IT AUUUUUUUUGHHHHHHHHHHH crud. But yeah, when I woke up I basically peed at the sight of the melted/hardened chocolate which kind of looked like poo and was super obvious (the sweatshirt was my blue one from PA)...so I had to carry my sweatshirt and wear my YFU t-shirt instead, which was totally fine. BUT YEAH, anyway I slept throughout the entire flight and woke up to see Osaka below me/the plane. We eventually landed, and I was super sweaty because I was FINALLY going to see my host family in like 5 minutes (they sent me pictures in the mail but I never received the package) and I am actually sweating right now as I type because the whole thought was incredibly super frickin scary and I am pretty glad that my host mom fell asleep on the floor 5 feet away from me right now because if she saw how excited I am getting as I type this that would be pretty super awkward, and I actually don't know how to say "sweaty" in Japanese so I wouldn't be able to EXPLAAAIIIIIN MYSELLFFFFF! ANYWAY, I went straight to the bathroom when I landed, and ate like 7 tic tacs, and everyone else wanted tic tacs so I gave everyone else tic tacs, and I peed (again in one of those amazing japanese toilets), and washed my hands, and walked down the stairs to the baggage claim super quickly, and looked at the area outside of the baggage claim and saw a man and woman and boy with a sign that you can see in these pictures (personally, I love the fact that they taped a clothes hanger on the back of my welcome sign), it said like HELLO ORIBAA! and I was like OMGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE and I ran to them super quickly and my host mom was all like ORIBAA!!! And she hugged me/I hugged her, and I shook hands with my host brother and host dad, and they took a picture with me immediately, and we were all like super happy. And then my area rep. introduced herself and she is super awesome (I had coffee with her today at McDonald's actually), aaaand I said g'bye to the rest of the exchange students who went with their host families...so yeah. We walked off, to their car in the parking lot, and it was super hot out (unlike in Tokyo, there was barely a breeze so it was sweaty hot weather, especially for me), and for the first time since I had landed in Japan, I wasn't incredibly crazily loud and instead, had a normal volume, and we made conversation, as we drove off to their house (I will provide a video tour of the house when the weather isn't so gray. Weather suddenly got super rainy today).

The first thing I noticed, was that, American music was eeeeverywhere, and that day alone, I heard Lady Gaga three times. 2 on the radio (Bad Romance and Just Dance), and then I heard Just Dance again when we went out for dinner, and they also played this song by Justin Timberlake on the radio, and Beyonce, ALL IN ONE DAY IN A DIFFERENT COUNTRY WOOOOOOOOOOOOOW. I was surprised. But yeah, we arrived at the house, which was a pretty awesome feeling, and you will soon see the house once I provide a video tour (video = far superior to pictures).

Hmm...so I spent a little while unpacking and checking out the house. My luggage arrived like an hour after I did which was super convenient. I unpacked, which took a while, and then I took a shower in their super awesome bathroom that has like, a really deep bath in comparison to Amurican bath tubs, (their shampoo is $50 WTFFFF. All of their lotions and stuff are SUPER expensive :O) I felt super bad using some of their expensive shampoo but my host mom told me to use it. I felt fortunate and still do c: Later that day, we went to this mall-like place, and ate dinner at a spaghetti/Italian style restaurant, and my host family bought a SHI* TON of food and yet we managed to eat it all, which was pretty great. I found out that my host brother is going to the U.S. in July for a year as an exchange student through YFU, along with...I think 130 other Japanese students going to the U.S. through the same program. He really wants to go to California, and I told him that he TRULY wants to go to Vermont ;) Except I didn't really say that, but I was thinking it. I remember my host mom said that she wanted an exchange student from the United States above any other country, which made me feel pretty amazing. She had her reasons which also made me feel wonderful about being American <3 onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_xsozQQ1PrS8/S6nF7xQR9OI/AAAAAAAAALE/hemgVYnykvs/s1600/2010_0321Japan0027.JPG">and they went CRAZY (the bottle is like half gone already. They put it on everything).

Oh, and sorry about the lack of pictures of my host family :( I will get more most def and post them on one of the upcoming posts. I had totally forgotten about taking pictures somehow. I DID however take a picture of host mom loving the maple syrup, and of the three doggies (fat one sleeping is Kota, black-ish one is Nana, and golden one peaking from the corner of the table is Suzu [Suzu means 'Bell'], Suzu and I have a connection ;D. Also, those dogs are freaking LOOOOUD. They never stop barking.)


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