Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Lack of Posts


Just wanted to apologize for the complete lack in posts recently (as in like the majority of my exchange so far), and I will definitely provide full detail of most/everyday so far. Currently I am catching up with my online VHS class <--definitely top priority right now, along with studying all new vocab I encounter during school, and also practicing riding a bicycle through the super narrow streets of Japan without continuously running into walls like I did the day before yesterday. Running into a wall really did hurt a ton, and I actually passed the same location today on my way home from school, and you can see the mark on the wall where I smashed my bike into the wall...darn.

OK SO, I am super sorry, and eventually I will be completely caught up with this blogging, after I am completely caught up with my online classes.




  1. Good to hear you're doing well! The silence WAS kind of worrying.
    So! Now that all's good and well, will be looking forward to reading about all the exciting stuff and seeing the pictures, especially one with, let's say, the school uniform! :D

  2. Diane Galligan writes: yes, the silence may be a sign of strength in Nippon but over on this side of the pond it makes me anxious!! Hope you are well, we love you and miss you!! xoxox